Addiction is loneliness, weather you concur it or return to it your forever lost
This blog if anyone takes the time to read it is for the purpose of drug counsellors mainly, I’ve been a ketamine user for 8 years this is my 3rd time trying to stay clean. I’ve been into detox I’ve had counselling you name it and I’ve been the one giving out the advice, however don’t take this as any disrespect to the people who have tried to help me along the way because for that I am truly grateful, I feel the only way for people in my position to get help in the future more people need to come forward. I was on the emergency list for a bladder biopsy my liver was severely inflamed irony is the thing that caused all these health problems is the only thing that could stop the pain - vicious circle. When I first became addicted to ketamine no one new much about it we all thought it was a miracle drug, no come down, only takes tiny amounts to get wasted you could block out the worst problem you had with that believe me, it was dirt cheep and lasted for ages. Before I knew it one gram turned to 12 I lost everything several times due to relapse everywhere I went to get help i was getting no where thankfully now more research has been done but still not enough. I was diagnosed with bipolar In 2010, before I became addicted to ketamine I was getting ‘help’ from doctors regarding why my behaviour was different, this Is the only way I can describe living with anxiety bipolar depression of any kind- in silence your you can’t hear a thing, even surrounded by oxygen you feel like your drowning, even when bleeding your numb- your own mind is your torment. I was prescribed countless antidepressants which was completely pointless in the end I decided to find something myself to make me feel better then ketamine came into play. After getting clean the first time I was finally diagnosed. Now I’m clean there is no help on how to stay that way I urge people to come forward with any questions or any advice thanks for reading #decoratethewalls
The [rape] victim surely shares a part of the responsibility, if only for establishing reasonable expectations in her boyfriend’s mind.

Roger Helmer, UKIP

Seriously, if you voted for this shit, be fucking ashamed of yourself. It’s one thing to want to limit immigration, and xenophobia is often just rooted in ignorance rather than evil. But to vote for a party who don’t understand how not to sexually abuse people is utterly unacceptable.

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Disgusting!!! Ukip should be banned